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    I'm a swimmer, how do I protect my hair?

    Chlorine can strip your hair and skin of its natural oils. This will make hair very dry and hair will sometimes appear green especially in blondes. Before getting in a swimming pool wet your hair with shower water, this will...

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    How do I protect my hair from heat?

    Thermal Protection, Heat Protection, Styling Tools - Haircare Market

    Thermal protectors are very important when using blow-dryers, straighteners, tongs, basically any form of heat styling tools, as the intense heat damages and dries the hair out. What do heat protectors do?- They provide heat protection for your hair whilst...

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    What causes frizz?

    Frizz can be caused by the environment, chemical services, texture of hair or excessive heat styling. Tips: Try re-hydrating the hair with a moisturising shampoo or conditioner. Wella SP Hydrate Shampoo $39.00 & Conditioner $39.00. A deep treatment once or...

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    What about the men?

    Some great versatile styling products for men:   Molding pastes are great they are easy to use, pliable and not sticky. They don’t dry hard like gels and often have a matte finish. Schwarzkopf Osis Session Molding Paste $29.40 Schwarzkopf...

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    What type of shampoo should I be using?

    Your hair type will determine what shampoo you should be using. If you're not sure what type of hair you have then check out our How do I know what hair type I have blog. If your hair is coloured...

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