Why use heat protectant? - Haircare Market

This is the holy grail of heat styling.

Have you noticed your hairdresser always uses heat protectant?  There's a reason for that - much similar to why they would never dream of using supermarket shampoo when washing your hair.  Its simply damaging to your luscious locks.

To achieve a professional finish at home you need to equip yourself with professional product and thermal protection is a MUST with heat styling.  Straighteners can heat up to over 180 degrees which can dry and damage the hair.  Now you wouldn't stick your hand in the oven at that temperature without some sort of protection so best not do it to your hair!!

There are heaps to choose from because every professional brand knows how important these are. Eimi Thermal Image, ghd Bodyguard and Juuce Heat Shield are just some of our faves.

"But my shampoo has heat protector in it" we hear you say. This may be the case but generally speaking this only covers environmental heat and damage, not extreme heat upwards of 180 degrees - this requires a specific product.  Don't be fooled.  If you're going to spend money on your hair, it's worth investing in the care!!!

Once you have your product, try spraying a small amount of heat protector onto the back of one hand.  Next get the blow dryer out and have someone blow it over both your hands - you will be able to see what a difference it makes.

Any questions on the best heat protector for you let us know!