Scalp issues? Try Nioxin! - Haircare Market

Do you have issues with your scalp? It's time to try Nioxin!

Nioxin has a range of products for clients who have fine, thinning hair or scalp issues.

There are six customised systems.

Normal to thinning hair

System # 1 natural hair.

System # 3 chemically treated hair.

System # 5 natural/chemically treated coarse hair.


Noticeably thinning hair

System # 2 natural hair.

System # 4 chemically treated hair.

System # 6 natural/chemically treated coarse hair.


Hairs natural growth can be halted by a variety of factors. Below are 3 signs of thinning: 

1. Derma unhealthy scalp environment.

 2. Density fewer hair strands.

 3. Finer hair strands.


Each Nioxin care system, therapeutic treatments and styling products are designed to target these signs – help reduce breakage, improve density, texture, strengthen hair against cuticle damage and cleanse excessive sebum. They contain antioxidants and botanicals that help provide a refreshed scalp environment. There is a follow through range of styling products to compliment the range.