New In: Wella Ultimate Repair For Damaged Hair

Say Goodbye To Bad Hair Days With Ultimate Repair

Dealing with hair damage like dryness, split ends or breakage and looking for a solution to repair and care for your stressed out strands? Game: Changed. Wella’s Ultimate Repair is finally here. Ultimate Smoothness. Ultimate Strength. Ultimate Shine. Repairs hair damage in 90 seconds* with 99% less breakage** and 12x smoother hair.***

This new luxurious line contains science-based formulas to deliver inside and outside intense repair for all hair types. Featuring a nourishing 4-step at-home system that transforms damaged hair. 

The Science Behind Ultimate Repair

Chemical treatments, heat styling, UV rays and pollution can inevitably lead to hair damage. Unlike skin, hair cannot regenerate itself. This ability that skin cells have consists of 2 fundamental actions. 1) Rebuild: Existing cells create new cells by multiplying.​ 2) Replenish: Older cells are pushed to the surface, creating a barrier protecting the newer ones from external aggressors.

New Wella Ultimate Repair offers a complete solution by rebuilding strength in the hair structure and replenishing its protective layer. Alpha-Hydroxy Acid rebuilds the bonds inside, penetrating the hair fiber at the deepest level. Bio-identical Omega-9 replenishes the outside barrier by ​coating the surface and filling in the cuticle to re-create a protective barrier.

Discover The Complete Routine

Step 1) Cleanse: Wella Ultimate Repair Shampoo 250ml

A rich cream shampoo that cleanses gently and effectively, with a luxurious lather, while starting to rebuild hair.

Wella Ultimate Repair Shampoo 250ml haircare for damaged hair

Step 2) Condition: Wella Ultimate Repair Deep Conditioner 200ml

Provides intense inner strength without weighing hair down, leaving the hair soft to touch, feeling clean and fresh.

Wella Ultimate Repair Deep Conditioner 200ml haircare for damaged hair

Step 3) Treat: Wella Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue 95ml

A treatment that repairs hair damage in 90 seconds. Intensively strengthens and smooths hair thanks to AHA & Omega-9.

Wella Ultimate Repair Miracle Hair Rescue 95ml hair care treatment for damaged hair

4)​ Protect: Wella Ultimate Repair Protective Leave-in Cream Serum 140ml

​A delicate serum that protects, repairs and smooths all hair types. Gives instant frizz control and easier styling. Works perfectly on curls. Protects against breakage, UV, heat (230°C/450°F), mechanical damage and frizz.

Wella Ultimate Repair Protective Leave-in Cream Serum 140ml haircare for damaged hair

Ready to transform your hair? Shop the full Wella Ultimate Repair Routine now.