How To Straighten Your Hair Properly - Haircare Market

Recreating that look at home just isn't so simple!  There are two key things to remember: Product and Technique.

Firstly, you must use the right product.  Now, if all those supermarket hair products that seem like a bargain really were that good the salons would be using them, there's a reason they don't!

Ideally you'll be using salon quality shampoo, conditioner and a weekly treatment to maintain your hair condition.  Then to prep the hair you'll need a top notch heat protector.  Check out GHD Unplugged Heat Protect Spray, EIMI Thermal Image, Indola Thermal Protector Spray or Juuce Heat Shield for some inspo

Make sure your hair has been prepped - ideally blow-dried and is completely dry.

Spray a thermal protectant throughout the hair, then section off your hair so you start straightening the lower layers and work to the top.

Firmly glide straighteners down through each section of hair slowly, but not clamping the blades too tightly.  Don’t over straighten.

To finish off you can use a serum or oil to tame any fly-aways and give shine.