Let's face it, we don't all know the answer to this question and that's OK.  The professionals expertly run their hands through our tresses and prescribe the right product with their eyes closed, but buying online from the comfort of home in your PJ's can be a whole different ball game.  Although we are happy to exchange or return product its much nicer if you get the right one straight away.


Firstly, hair type is all about the diameter of your individual hair.

Fine Hair is by name very fine in texture.   Hair tends to sit flat and close to your to scalp. Common complaints are oiliness, limp hair and difficulty getting volume.

We recommend washing every second day with a volumising shampoo to help turn up the volume and if oiliness is an issue try to condition focusing on the ends instead of the scalp.  Another great option for fine hair is a leave-in spray conditioner.

The exciting thing with fine hair is that you won't use as much product - think of all the extra treats you can get with your left-over pennies!

Coarse Hair – Very coarse in texture with a tendency to be dry and often curly.  What you'll find with dry hair is that Frizz loves to join the party here.  

For coarse hair great options are products that offer nourishment and moisture  like the Invigo Nutri-Enrich or Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick ranges.  The great news is you may not need to wash as often, but you will go through a bit more when it comes to styling products.  

Thick Hair is another term often used.  This simply means you have a lot of hairs on your head!  Here's where it gets confusing because you can have fine hair that is thick or coarse hair that is thick.  

Thinning hair is simply when there are fewer hairs on your head than there used to be.  We highly recommend the prescriptive Nioxin range for this and are happy to do consults via Facebook Messenger.

Contrary to popular belief, all hair types need a thermal protector if you are using hot tools.

Scalp concerns are addressed separately to hair type and we can help with ANY questions via email, phone or Facebook Messenger.  The only silly question is the one that didn't get asked.