What hairstyle suits my face? - Haircare Market

Face shapes and hairstyles go hand in hand.
Have you gone into the salon and begged your hairdresser for hair like Taylor, Beyonce, Blake……….? You can still get that celebrity look by following a simple face shape guide.
So whether you have a heart, oval, round or square face there is a look for you.

The Heart:
Option 1: Long hair with side part:
This creates balance. If you wave the hair starting from just below the ear you will even out the angled line of the jaw. The side part will accentuate your features.
For the more adventurous ones why not try Option 2: The pixie:
For the perfect look ensure the ends of the hair are textured to soften.

The Oval:
Option 1: Volume:
You want to create volume at the top and flat sides around the ears.
Option 2: Blunt fringe with long hair:
Because of the longer face you can take the risk and go for a blunt fringe. It will balance out the face and create width.

The Circle: 
Create the illusion of length and height to the face. Have a centre part ensure the hair is layered this will help give the effect of a longer face because it draws the eye down to the lengths. Ask the hairdresser to cut the layers starting around the base of the face.
The Square:
Option 1: Textured short or mid length hair:
Texture helps balance out a harder jaw line.
Option 2: Long slightly layered hair with waved ends:
By having longer hair it draws attention to the lengths. To make the most of the longer hair, start the waves around the ears so they fall over the jaw and neck area.