Our Albion Place, Dunedin store carries a large range of Wigs, Turbans and Hats for clients with hair loss concerns. Clients are individually fitted in our private fitting room and styled by our experienced Hairdresser to achieve the best look. Fittings are by appointment only.

The fitting room can accommodate friends or family who may be assisting with the selection.

Our Albion Place, Dunedin store is authorised to accept Wigs Subsidies from the Ministry of Health. You don’t have to be a subsidy recipient to purchase from us – we fit and sell Wigs, Hats and Turbans to anybody.

For more information about the Wigs subsidy please click here.

Click here for instructions on how to care for your wig.


'Look Good, Feel Better'

Suzie is based at our Albion Place, Dunedin store and is the Dunedin Agent for Wigs by Hair Creations and attend all ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ workshops to provide wig advice to those undergoing treatment.

For information regarding a 'Look Good, Feel Better' workshop near you, click here.