Olaplex No.4, No.5 & No.3 Trio Bundle


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Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo 250ml

A highly nourishing and reparative shampoo that repairs and protects damaged hair by re-linking broken bonds. Formulated with patented Olaplex Bond Building Chemistry to restore, repair, and hydrate the hair without adding excess weight for strong, healthy and shiny hair. 

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 250ml

A highly-moisturising, reparative conditioner that helps to restore the internal strength of hair while adding moisture levels to add incredible shine and manageability. Formulated with patented Olaplex Bond Building Chemistry to restore, repair and hydrate the hair without adding excess weight. Eliminates damage and frizz for strong, healthy, shiny hair using the 3-4-5 system.

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector Treatment 100ml

This best-seller is an at-home treatment that reduces breakage and strengthens hair, improving its look and feel. It will restore your hair's healthy appearance and texture by repairing damage and protecting hair structure. Suitable for all hair types, especially for those with visible damage.


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