Angel En Provence Helichrysum Pure Nourishing Hair Mask 250g

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Angel En Provence Helichrysum Pure Nourishing Mask is for dry, damaged or frizzy hair. Enriched with Helichrysum to thoroughly alleviate scalp irritation while rejuvenating and revitalising damage caused by hot styling tools and environmental elements.  Leaves hair refreshed, lustrous and easy for styling. Contains Shea Butter to deeply condition and nourish each hair for a vibrant and healthy look.

How to use: After shampooing, apply treatment to hair from roots to ends. Massage in. Leave in for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Tip: For the best results use steam or cover hair with a hot towel. 

  • NO parabens
  • NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • NO Laureth Sulfate
  • NO Mineral Oil or Paraffin Oil
  • NO Propylene Glycol
  • No Animal Testing
  • Organic Natural Ingredients


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