Hair type is mainly determined by feel or what chemical service you have had done.  It's important to know what hair type you have so you use the product that will bring out the best in your hair. 

  • Fine hair is limp, thin, has little or no body, and will sit close to your head.
  • Oily hair will be greasy at the roots and it tends to be quite limp as well as the oil can weigh it down.  Fine and oily hair tend to go hand in hand.
  • Thick hair will have lots of volume and is very full.
  • Coarse hair will be thick and wiry and often curly.

Your hair may also have had chemical services such as a colour or a perm.  If you've had either of these services your hair may be more susceptible to being dry.

Remember that your hair type can change too - so it's important to check in every now and again to make sure you're using the best products.

Keep posted for our blog about what shampoo to use for your hair type!