Joico Daily Care Leave-in Detangler 300ml *


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Classic formulas that can be used daily. Designed to restore and maintain balance in your hair.

Is your hair the type that tangles easily? Fine but otherwise well balanced?
Then consider this leave-in detangler as an alternative to a conditioner. This product delivers moisture and shine while helping to protect the hair from daily damage.

How to use:
Simply spray in after washing, comb through and leave-in.
Follow with your regular styling products.

Great for camping or when there are limitations on water usage and you can't spend that extra minute in the shower! Also good for hairstyles like braids, or extensions that get tangled. Fantastic product for those who swim a lot and need to eliminate tangles after the pool. Definitely invest in a wide tooth comb to make detangling easy. - Try our Detangling Comb.


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