Fanciful Mousse Chocolate Kiss 170g (13)


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"Fanci-Full Temporary Hair Color is a simple, every day solution for blending grays and adding a freshly colored look without the use of harsh chemicals.
Enhance hair volume and leave it feeling shinier and silkier than before. Fanci-Full is a risk free, no commitment way to color your hair. You can mix tones for a perfect hue. Don't be afraid to experiment because Fanci-full rinses away with one shampoo.

Simply find your shade and apply to clean, damp hair. Style and go! It's quick and easy, no mixing, waiting or rinsing. Color washes away when you shampoo making it gentle enough to use everyday without damaging or drying out hair. Use Fanci-Full to refresh your hair color or extend time between salon visits. Blend gray away in minutes with no mixing and no mess.

Touch Up Between Colorings! Blend Gray Away Instantly!"


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