What can I use to clean my hair between washes? - Haircare Market

Do you want to prolong your style between washes?

Extend the life of your colour?

Or are you on the go?

This is where dry shampoos are perfect. They are a dry powder spray, that you apply to  help control an oily scalp and cleanse the hair. For best results it is recommended to brush through to remove any residue to leave hair refreshed and feeling soft. 

They are a great addition to the gym bag and suitcase for traveling. 

For example Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo is great as it comes in 2 different tones, one for dark hair tones and one for light hair tones which parallels the concept of purple shampoo. They also both have UV filters to help further extend colour. $44.50 each.

Another option to help extend the life of your colour is Cleansing Conditioners. They help limit hairs exposure to water thus helping maintain colour. They are 75% conditioning & 25% cleaning. Matrix have a Cleansing Conditioner for fine, medium and curly hair. $40.00 each.