Chlorine is used in pools to kill unwanted bacteria, and while this can be great, it's not so great for your hair. Chlorine takes natural oils from hair and skin and can be very drying on both.

It causes a chemical reaction in your hair changing the colour. Some swimmers hair takes on a green tinge, which is not actually from chlorine but copper that has been oxidised. Copper is absorbed into your hair which can look slightly green.

So how can you prevent chlorine damage?

1 – Wet your hair before going swimming as your hair will only absorb so much water – freshwater is better than chlorinated water.

2 – Wear a cap. 

3 – Use a leave-in conditioner before swimming under your cap.

4 – Use a clarifying shampoo to deep cleanse your hair. Only use this once weekly. All deep cleansing shampoos also great at removing the build-up of styling products!


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